What makes DuWop different?
There are many wonderful brands out there that makes and sell makeup. The world just doesn’t need another. DuWop stands out because either we invent something new or put a twist on old favorites every time. Each of our products has a point of difference or we don’t make it, it’s that simple.


Do you perform animal testing?
No lab bunnies here. We do all our product testing on actors, not animals.


How do the venom products compare in tingling intensity?
We’re often asking how much venom is in our products.
Here’s how it works:
Lip Venom is the original way to add clear tingle and shine to the lips.
Venom Flash and Pink Shimmer contains the same formula as original Lip Venom, but are spiked with silver, gold and iridescent pink shimmer.
Prime Venom gives the same tingling as original Lip Venom, but is completely matte so you can use it solo as a plumping lip conditioner, or layer with your favorite lipstick or lip gloss.
Pure Venom is an organic, all natural version of our original Lip Venom formula with a similar signature venom tingle.  
Lip Venom 2nd Sin has all of the plumping power, but none of the venom tingle.


We manufacture all our own products. Our products are proudly manufactured here in the USA (Los Angeles, CA to be exact).