DuWop was the first creator of the lip plumper and was the first to come out with a lip plumper in the beauty industry. Our OG Lip Venom is made with a blend of essential oils, wintergreen ginger and cinnamon, that creates a natural plump (tingle sensation) to the lips. We also have avocado and sunflower oil in our venoms, that create moisture and treatment to the lips. 

DuWop is about creating natural beauty first, our complexion category is all about using beneficial ingredients to help nourish and treat your already beautiful skin. We want to enhance your beauty not diminish it. We use high quality ingredients and don't believe in too much coverage and heavy make up, let's embrace and celebrate your natural beautiful skin. 

DuWop is a quirky and vintage brand, we have always stayed true to our packaging; which is why many customers that get reunited with us feel like there going back to their high school days, this happens often with our Lip Venom tube. 

We are an open book and if you have any questions we are here to answer them. You will be talking to a live person that knows the brand inside and out. We always want to help our customers, you are the reason we are still around, without your support and loyalty we wouldn't be here. Ask away!  We hope you enjoy our products and keep coming back! Xo DuWop Cosmetics