Reverse Lipliner

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Imagine being able to easily shape your lips without the harsh edges of a lip liner. DuWop introduces Reverse Lipliner, a colorless, matte pencil that when applied to the skin outside the lips produces a perfectly shaped pout while preventing lipstick and gloss from feathering.

Reverse Lipliner's miracle ingredient is Kombuchka™ which has been proven to cause “lipofilling,” a reaction that restores volume to the skin in areas where more volume is needed, such as the fine vertical lines around the mouth. Included with this pencil is a FREE sharpener.

PRO TIP: Keep Reverse Lipliner in your freezer for 5-10 minutes before sharpening for a smoother sharpening experience!

How to Use

Start at either corner of your mouth and draw a line up towards the bow of your lip (drawing the line downward pulls the skin so you always want to work against gravity).

Repeat on the other side of the mouth. Draw over these lines two more times.

Draw a line along the outside of your lower lip. Then draw over this line two more times.
After you have applied Reverse Lipliner, apply your favorite lipstick or gloss and you will have a perfectly placed pout all day!

More Info

Reverse Lipliner is sulfate-free, fragrance-free, petre-chemical-free, fragrance-free, dye-free, free of pthalates, no GMO's, no PPG's, no MEA/DEA/TEA's, formaldehyde-free, and triclosan-free.

DuWop does not use animal testing on any of their products.

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