Reverse EyeStick


DuWop has taken it to the next level with its latest modern beauty solution, Reverse EyeStick. With the continued success of Reverse Lipliner and Reverse Eyeliner, DuWop has expanded the “Reverse” collection with Reverse EyeStick. Reverse EyeStick is a treatment that when applied to the problem areas around the eyes, a cooling sensation is felt while improving the skins texture- giving a more youthful appearance & smoother complexion. Reverse EyeStick’s formula contains Osilift™ which delivers an optimal and immediate lifting effect, giving the look of firmer, toned and smoother skin while visually reversing the signs of aging. Hence the name Reverse EyeStick! Reverse EyeStick’s formula also includes Caffeine, which assists in minimizing dark circles and lessens the appearance of puffiness. Hyaluronic Acid is also a key ingredient which binds moisture to skin. Reverse EyeStick also contains Gransil Cs Cool™ which provides moisturizing properties delivering a cool silky smooth feel after application.

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