The Isla Sirena by DuWop collection features a range of shimmering shadows, richly pigmented glosses and highlighting cheek tints inspired by the mythical beauty and romantic spirit of fearless adventure of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

Each of the products in this line is offered in three distinct shades that signify the tones and shimmers of three unique looks: Mermaid, Pirate and Treasure. An entire look can be achieved by utilizing the assortment of eyes, lips and cheeks from one of the three color stories.

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Iridescent eyes with soft cheeks, shimmering coral lips and an alabaster complexion. Inspired by the divine beauty and captivating appeal of Sirens; this collection provides an amplitude of opulent shades, from shimmering corals and aquamarine shadows, designed to capture mystical beauty.


Use the Isla Sirena by DuWop Lip Dual in Serenade to finish the look.

  • Using a lip brush, apply the coral cream lipstick (pan on the left side) over top and bottom lips.

Make-Up Artist Tip: If lips appear to be chapped, apply a moisturizing lip balm to the lips at the very beginning of make-up application (For example, DuWop’s Iced Teas lip treatment). That way, when it is time to apply lip color, lips will be moisturized and there will be a smooth base to apply lipstick.

  • Using the same lip brush, apply the iridescent gloss overlay (pan on the right side) over the coral cream lipstick to achieve a wet, high gloss finish.

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