Lip Venom 2nd Sin
What is Lip Venom 2nd Sin
Die hard fans have made the original Lip Venom the #1 lip plumper but for those lip plumping junkies who want all the fullness but don't want the sting, there is Lip Venom 2nd Sin. All the latest lip enhancement technology plus DuWop's new breakthrough ingredients conspire to bring you wickedly plump lips.

What it does
  • Gives long and short term plumping without the sting
  • Enhance lip's natural color
  • Gives the highest shine and moisturizes

Features and Benefits
  • Just like its predecessor, Lip Venom, 2nd Sin contains a blend of secret essential oils like cinnamon, wintergreen, and ginger that increases the circulation to the lips, flushing and plumping them to perfection
  • Powerful anti-oxidants like pomegranate and white tea extracts
  • Contains Maxi Lip, a collagen-boosting ingredient that promotes fuller, healthier looking, more voluptuous lips
  • Contains Coolact, a non-menthol cooling substitute, used as a breakthrough lip plumper that gives an intense cooling effect

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