Introducing ELIXRSTIX
An Exhilarating Blend of Tonics and Lip Gloss
In the perfect partnership of two cultural phenomena, DuWop has collaborated with e•lix•r Tonics & Teas to create Elixrstix, a beauty experience unlike any other. Blending the healthy elements of the e•lix•r tonic with the aesthetic beauty benefits of a gorgeous, non-sticky lip gloss, Elixrstix provides moisturizing coverage, giving a gorgeous glow of color while delighting the palate.

Each tonic used inElixrstixis synergized and formulated for a specific function.Elixrstixcome in four healthy hues:
  • Clarity- sheer nude
    Tonic: Mind Over Muddle
    Function: enhances focus, concentration, and mental clarity with Ginko Biloba, Gotu Kola, and green tea leaf
  • Energy- sheer pink
    Tonic: Power Plant
    Function: strengthens the body's ability to transform food into energy and harmonizes with yerba mate, ginseng, green tea extract, and Guarana
  • Harmony- sheer berry
    Tonic: Virtual Buddha
    Function: enhances creativity, calms the body, opens the mind, and centers the spirit with Asian Ginseng and peach
  • Serenity- sheer melon
    Tonic: Liquid Yoga
    Function: promotes a tranquil spirit, relaxes the senses, and nourishes the heart with calming botanicals such as Jujube, Chinese Peony, Fleece Flower, Longan, and Aucklandia
ExperienceElixrstix, an invigorating balance of modern beauty and ancient well-being.

About e•lix•r Tonics & Teas:
Truly modern. Truly ancient.
e•lix•rtakes a fresh approach to ancient traditional Chinese medicine with its delicious tonics and teas promoting health and wellness. Blending authentic herbs and fruits,e•lix•rdraws upon the Eastern philosophy of balanced living to create remedies for a modern life.