PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP BRUSH CLEANER: Cleans all your makeup brushes, sponges, and hair brushes.

ANTIBACTERIAL, MOISTURIZING, 100% VEGAN: Water-based, quick-drying formulation keeps all your brushes soft and brushes last longer.

INDUSTRY-LEADING FORMULA: The first ever makeup brush cleaner designed to moisturize natural bristle brush hair. Use on all brush types.

NAPHTHA-FREE, CRUELTY-FREE: Unlike other brush cleaners, Artistpro is healthier, safer, more effective and never tested on animals. 100% Vegan.

TWO CONVENIENT SIZES: Use the larger size at home and the TSA-compliant smaller size for the road.

16.9 fl oz : $27
3.4 fl oz : $12
Price $27.00 Professional Makeup Brush Cleaner. 100% VEGAN + Water Based + Anti-Bacterial

Shipping: Usually arrives in 5-8 business days.
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